About Us
About Us

Shanghai Feelshun International Trade Co.,Ltd has been focus on the introduction of international highquality chemical raw materials,and service in the field of resin Synthesis, coatings, inks, adhesives and other fine chemicals.Faced with the ever-changing market competition,our company set up a professional sales and technical service team, offer customers with the information of world’s leading new materials,give customers reasonable advice and technical support to improve their product performance and also reduce their production costs.

Feelshun International relying on port and unique financial advantages of shanghai ,maintain close partnership with Eternal, GEO, Sartomer, Degussa, Mitsubishi, Nippon Shokubai and other internationally renowned chemical companies。

Feelshun International has import and export rights, dangerous chemicals business license.We bring best service through continuous innovation, sincere cooperation.We make friends with all suppliers and customers.

Feelshun International welcome your visit!

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